Dear Members, 
This is a call to action from EBVS. 
FVE has launched the 3rd edition, VetSurvey2022. A comprehensive study of the European Veterinary Profession. Please click the link or visit the website ASAP to be part of this. 
Links can also be found and shared for the FVE VetSurvey2022 via EBVS social media platforms @EUVetSpecialist (Twitter, Instagram), LinkedIn and Facebook pages 'European Board of Veterinary Specialisation'. 
EBVS members contributed to 7% of the responses in the 2nd survey but made up 1.5% of the total European veterinary population. It would be great to show how as specialists we are committed to advancing the profession and that we improve further on our past response numbers with the 3rd edition survey. Thank you in advance for completing! 
Kind regards, 
Many thanks in advance,
Francesca Worsman 
EBVS Communication Support