Dear Residents,
- A reminder that due to the current Covid-19 epidemic, online courses and congress count towards externships. Please see previous postings on this website for more information.

- The list of approved externships and allocated days is listed below
- For all of these, except for the Summer Schools, claims for externship days must be accompanied by proof of attendance at these events otherwise they will not be counted. This information has been transmitted before, and in future, the Credential Committee will not accept externship days if these proofs are not provided.
- All online events, apart from the ESVCP, ASVCP congresses and Summer School, must be pre-approved as externships, by the Credential and Education Committees. I've issued information about this previously - see website. We will not count externship days for events that are not pre-approved. For pre-approval, the resident needs to send us full and complete information about the event, beforethe event.
ESVCP 2020 Precongress plus congress = 10 days
Exotics Summer School 2020 = 10 days
Any one/each  ACVP/ASVCP congress 2020 WORKSHOP =1 day
ASVCP/ISACP/ACVP congress 30 Oct-1 Nov 2020 = 4.5 days
 "Bone Marrow: Frenemy of the Clinical Pathologist" @ the Unisvet National Congress 2021: 1 day
VIN Mechanisms of Disease course 2020-2021: 5 days
Purdue Bone Marrow Course 2021: 6 days
ECVCP Summer School 2021: 7 days
ESVCP 2021 online congress: 6 days
ASVCP 2021 online congress: 5 days 
ISACP/ ACVP 2021 workshop: 1 day
Emma Hooijberg 
November 2021