Dear residents,

1. The ECVCP Board will permit Board Exam candidates to apply to sit the Board Exam, even if the two required publications have not yet been accepted, effective from the application to the Board Exam 2021. This measure is limited to three years (i.e., 2021, 2022, 2023). Thereafter the effect of the measure will be evaluated. However, the full Diploma will only be awarded once the exam has been passed and the two required publications have been accepted. These publications must be accepted within 2 years from the initial exam application, with this date set as 1 March of that year. A failure to meet this requirement will mean that the candidate must rewrite the board exam in its entirety.
2. The ECVCP Board will permit Board Exam candidates to apply to sit the Board Exam, even if the externships have not been completed, effective from the Application to the Board Exam 2021. This measure is limited to the duration of COVID-related travel restrictions and will be re-evaluated in 2023, at latest. Externships must be completed within 2 calendar years of the initial exam application. For convenience this date will be set as 1 March each year. 
For example, if the candidate applies to write the examination in February 2021, and is accepted, they must complete the publication requirements and externships by 1 March 2023 (regardless of whether the exam is passed or not). Any new place of employment does not count as an externship.
Candidates still need to comply with the following at the time of exam application:
1) Laboratory Standards and Training Program approval up-to-date.
2) Minimum training period of 36 months over a maximum time of 5 years, to be completed by the date of the examination.
3) Completed case and activity logs (or letters of confirmation from the Credential Committee). If the training period is not yet completed, acceptance will be provisional and final logs must be sent to the Credential Committee by 31 August.
4) Program Director Report for Exam Application.
5) Examination fee of 500 euro (please contact the Treasurer) and proof of ESVCP membership.
6) Completed Examination Application Form (modified form will be available on the website by 1 February).
7) Examination application with all relevant documents must be sent to the Secretariat before 1 March.
Candidates will only receive Diplomate status once they have:
1) Passed all parts of the examination.
2) Have 2 accepted publications within 2 years of the first exam application. 
3) Completed all 60 days of externships within 2 years of the first exam application.
Ernst Leidinger, ECVCP President
Emma Hooijberg, Chair, Credential Committee