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ESVCP/ECVIM Case Session Schedule

Friday September 11, 2015


14.25-14.30   H Tvedten             Introduction                                    

14.30-14.45   R Raskin                pdf  Case 1 (R Raskin) Extreme leukocytosis with anemia in an iguana 

14.45-15.00   S Knöpfler              pdf  Case 2 (S Knopfler) Red blood cell inclusions in a white gerfalcon    

15.00-15.15   Y Rautenbach         pdf  Case 3 (Y Rautenbach) Haemolytic anaemia in a dog 

15.15-15.30   D Rochel                pdf  Case 4 (D Rochel) Marked thrombocytosis in a dog with digestive signs

15.30-15.45   L Piane                  pdf  Case 5 (L Piane) Spurious platelet scattergram in 2 dogs and 1 cat

Coffee Break

16.30-16.45   I Lagrange            pdf  Case 6 (I Lagrange) Pancytopenia in a dog

16.45-17.00   C Piccinelli             pdf  Case 7 (C Piccinelli) CSF and smears of a lumbar subarachnoid lesion in a dog

17.00-17.15    H Tvedten             pdf  Case 8 (H Tvedten) Discrepancy in differential WBC counts in a cat

17.15-17.30    I Lilliehöök            pdf  Case 9 (I Lilliehöök) Abdominal fluid changes in a dog 

17.30-17.45    E Hooijberg           pdf  Case 10 (E Hooijberg) Blood smear from an impala 

17.45-18.00    J Palić                   pdf  Case 11 (J Palic) Lung mass in a dog