Dear Diplomates,

On behalf of the Nomination Committee I'd like to invite you once again to participate in the nomination of candidates for the following ECVCP board or executive positions.

Vice President
First Councillor
Second Councillor

It is possible to nominate one person for one or several board positions or several people for one or different positions. If you nominate a person:

  1. It is mandatory that all College membership fees have been paid by this person.

  2. Please make sure what the duties for the position are to which you nominate someone. Read the Duties of the officers and the board* attached to this letter.

  3. Please make sure that you have to consent of the person you nominate and that the nomination would be accepted at election. The most most updated List of diplomates.xls* is attached to this letter.

Please fill in the  document  Nomination Request * form and return it by e-mail to to Susan Lennon, our administrative secretary: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

After logging in with your password and user ID, you can also use  the online nomination form.

You MUST be logged in before clicking on the link, otherwise the form will NOT display.

The voting will be an on-line process as already practiced in 2010. Please check your e-mails about the information of the online voting from 15th July, 2013. This date is also the deadline for nominations.


Thank you in advance for your participation

Best regards,

Kostas Papasouliotis
Chair of the Nomination Committee

Ernst Leidinger

*You need to log in in order to download those files. Please note that the Document “Duties of the Officers and Board” is not an officially approved, independent doc, but is an abridgment from the constitution.