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Job Ad guidelines

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  pdf Website Job Ads Guidelines (61 KB)  (posted 10/10/19) 


Residency & Postdoc positions

pdf ACVP Residency in Veterinary Clinical Pathology, RVC London (UK) (71 KB)  


Clinical Pathologist positions 

  pdf Veterinary Clinical pathologist, Dick White Referrals, (45 KB) United Kingdom (posted 25/01/21)  NEW

pdf Veterinary Clinical Pathologist, Idexx, Germany (689 KB) (posted 22/01/21)  

pdf Veterinary Clinical Pathologist, Cerba Vet, France (227 KB)  (posted 23/11/20) 

pdf Clinical Veterinarian in Clinical Pathology, Cambridge University (336 KB) , UK (posted 30/10/20) 


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