Executive Board:

Ernst Leidinger, President

Zoe Polizopoulou, Past President

Kostas Papasouliotis, Vice President

Francesco Cian, Secretary

Tim Williams, Treasurer

Alessia Giordano, Councillor

Erika Furman, Councillor


Contact the Executive Board and committee-members:
Executive secretariat: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please note: all communications for application form requests & submissions for training, 
examination or laboratory approval must be sent to this email address

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ECVCP email directory (requires member's logon)

Education Committee:

Maria Elena Gelain, Chair

Abigail Guija De Arespacochaga (Co-chair)

Ilse Schwendenwein

Hege Brun-Hansen

Bente Kristin Sævik


Laura Pintore


Examination Committee:

Cathy Trumel, Chair

Peter Vajdovich, Co-chair


I. General Clinical Pathology:

   Eve Ramery, Chair

   Cora-Constanze Sommerey

   Ulrika Falkenö

   Francesca Pitorri

   Laetitia Jaillairdon

   Peter Vajdovich


II. Clinical Chemistry:

     Vanessa Turinelli, Chair

     Ugo Bonfanti

     Alessandra Gavazza

     Iona Maher

     Myriam Defontis 


III. Cytology:

       Niki Skeldon Wiggs, Chair

       Francesco Cian

       Antonio Melendez Lazo

       Carlo Masserdotti

       Cathy Trumel

       Carola Campora

       Laia Solano Gallego


IV. Haematology:

      Fanny Granat, Chair

      Alexander Pankraz

      Eleonora Piseddu

      Laetitia Piane

      Gabriele Rossi


Credential Committee:

Emma Hooijberg: Chair

Erika Furman

Mariana Serra 

Antonio Melendez Lazo

Esther Torrent

Benoit Rannou 

Marilisa Novacco


Lab Standards Committee:

Stefanie Klenner, Chair

Ernst Leidinger, Co-chair

Kathy Freeman

Alexandra Briend-Marchal

Natali Bauer

Martina Stirn

Josep Pastor

Margarida Canelas Domingos


Website Editorial Board & Communication:

Francesco Cian, Chair

Ernst Leidinger

Mary Christopher

Anne Lanevschi

Kate English (ESVCP Secretary)


Science Committee:

Please refer to ESVCP Board

Peter Graham, Chair

Laetitia Jaillardon

Nazaré Pinto Da Cunha


Nomination Committee:

Kostas Papasouliotis, Chair
Francesco Cian
Myriam Defontis

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