Case archive

This archive includes the cases with and without diagnosis for download presented at our previous congresses

Cases presented in Berlin 2013

Primary Presenter   Case Title Without diagnosis  With diagnosis 
1.  P. Cazzini   Findings from a hedgehog icon File 1  icon File 2
2.  M. Novacco CBC of a dog icon File 1  icon File 2
3.  R. Lukacs Leukocytosis in a dog icon File 1   icon File 2
4.  J. Palić

Extreme neutrophilic leukocytosis in a dog 

icon File 1
 icon File 2


5.  A. Meléndez Lazo      

Synovial fluid from a dog with polyarthritis 
icon File 1 
 icon File 2
6.  F. Granat

Tumor of the gallbladder in a dog

icon File 1
 icon File 2
7.  A. Leuschner Hepatic mass in a Flat Coat retriever icon File 1   icon File 2
8.  U. Falkenö
Anemia in a dog icon File 1  icon File 2
9.  C. Gilroy

Peritoneal fluid from a dog 

icon File 1  icon File 2
10.  S. Putwain Generalised lymphadenoapthy in a Miniature Schnauzer  icon File 1  icon File 2


Cases presented in Ljubljana 2012

 Primary Presenter 

Case Title Without diagnosis  With diagnosis 
1. Robin W. Allison   Mediastinal mass in a dog   icon File 1 icon File 2 
2. Fanny Granat Anemia in a cat  icon File 1 icon File 2
3. Erika Furman  Advia cytograms and abdominal fluid
cytology from a dog 
icon File 1  icon File 2 
4. Paola Cazzini   Abdominal mass in a young dog  icon File 1 icon File 2
5. Kate English Complex case in a Bernese Mountain Dog  icon File 1 icon File 2
6. Myriam Defontis Parasite in canine bone marrow  icon File 1  icon File 2 
7. Francesco Cian   Lymphocytosis in a horse  icon File 1  icon File 2
8. Barbara C. Rütgen   Extended diagnosis of cutaneous
icon File 1 icon File 2










Cases presented in Dublin 2011

 Presenter Case                  Cases w/o Diagnosis 
Cases with Diagnosis
1. Maguire D.
Laboratory Findings in a Beagle dog
icon Case 1 Maquire file1
 icon Case 1 Maquire file2
2. Forlani A.
Skin Mass in a cat
icon Case 2 Forlani file1  icon Case 2 Forlani file2
3. Ibba F.
Gastric mass in a cat
icon Case 3 Ibba file1
 icon Case 3 Ibba file2
4. Furman E.
Crystalluria and nephropathy in
a young cat
icon Case 4 Furman file1
 icon Case 4 Furman file2
5.Lenevschi A.
Telecytopathology example
icon Case 5 Lanveschi file1
icon Case 5 Lanveschi  fotos
 icon Case 5 Lanveschi file2
6. Cian F.
Unusual findings in a canine CSF
icon Case 6 Cian file 1
 icon Case 6 Cian file 2

Cases presented in Toulouse 2010

 Presenter Cases w/o Diagnosis 
Cases w/ Diagnosis 
 Hooijberg, E.
icon Case 1 Cristalluria in a dog  icon Case 1 with diagnosis
 Maquire, D.
icon Case 2 Neutropenia, anemia in a dog  icon Case 2 with diagnosis
 Ramery, E.  
icon Case 3 Diarrhea and vomiting in a dog  icon Case 3 with diagnosis
 Pastorello, A. icon Case 4 Abdominal mass in PU/PD dog  icon Case 4 with diagosis
 Stayt, J. icon Case 5 CSF Changes in a dog     icon Case 5 with diagnosis
 Dell Orco, M. iconCase 6 A dog with anaemia
 icon Case 6 with diagnosis
 Jailardon, L.
icon Case 7 Odd cells in blood smear of a dog  icon Case 7 with diagnosis
 Rannou, B.
icon Case 8 Peritoneal fluid from a foal  icon Case 8 with diagnosis
 Milne, E. icon Case 9 Acute pneumonia in a cat  icon Case 9 with diagnosis
 Buckeridge, D. icon Case 10 Dyspnea in a dog  icon Case 10 with diagnosis
 Florenti, M.
icon Case 11 Dermal mass aspirate from a cat  icon Case 11 with diagnosis
 Formisano, P.
icon Case 12 CSF findings in a sheep  icon Case 12 with diagnosis
 Crippa, V.
icon Case 13 Crippa vacuolated lymphocytes in a cat  icon Case 13 with diagnosis

Cases presented in Thessaloniki 2009

 Presenter Cases w/o Diagnosis 
Cases w/ Diagnosis 
 Crosse, P.
 icon Crosse P. Case File 1  icon P._CROSSE_CASE_FILE_2
 Formisano, P.
 icon Formisano P. Case File 1  icon P._FORMISANO_CASE_FILE_2
 icon Gunn-Christie R. Case File 1  icon R._GUNN-CHRISTIE_CASE_FILE_2
 Hillström, A.   icon Hillstrom A. Case File 1  icon A._HILLSTROM_FILE2
 Hooijberg, E.  icon Hooijberg E. Case 1 File 1  icon E._HOOIJBERG_CASE_1_FILE_2
 Hooijberg, E.  icon Hooijberg E. Case 2 File 1   icon E._HOOIJBERG_CASE_2_File_2
 Loukopoulos, P.
 icon Loukopoulos P. Case File 1   icon P._LOUKOPOULOS_CASE_FILE_2
 Monti, P.
 icon Monti P. Case File 1   icon P._MONTI_CASE_FILE_2.pdf
 Mylonakis, M.  icon Mylonakis, M. Case File 1
 Pastorello, A.  icon Pastorello A. case file 1    icon A._PASTORELLO_FILE2 
 Piseddu, E.
 icon Piseddu E. Case File 1 
 Pintore, L.  icon Pintore L. Case File 1   icon L._PINTORE_CASE_FILE_2
 Sommerey, C.C.  icon Sommerey C.-C. Case File 1   icon C._SOMMEREY_FILE_2 
 Trumel, C.
 icon Trumel C. Case File 1   icon C._TRUMEL_FILE_2